Real Estate and Home Decor

Furnish your home with environmentally gracious products doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. As demand grows for these furnishings more companies are producing them, and some are switching their inventories over completely. The result is more selection for buyers, and cheaper costs. For home owners who’ve been waiting to green up their interior decor, it’s never been more affordable to start. And for those who’ve never considered the idea before, it may be surprisingly enjoyable. One of the reasons green home furnishings are more accessible now is that they come in a wider variety of materials. Plastic and paper products that were once discarded or recycled for industrial purposes can now be used to make things like tables and chairs, thanks to advances in recycling. Furniture designers are also re-using materials more creatively, enabling them to bypass the sometimes energy and labor intensive recycling process.

Interior lamps are a good place to begin when discussing the recycle movement. Some of the best green lamp designs re-use products without altering them at all; infusing living rooms with a distinct post-modern feel. One innovative company carries a range of products built from discarded computer circuit boards, including night lights, lamps, and candle holders. Tastefully designed, these furnishings make great conversation pieces, and light up the room in attractive criss-cross wire patterns. Another attractive lamp designed from re-used products is the Tupperware light, which usually just consists of a light bulb inside a piece of vintage Tupperware, and a stand. These lights work well for decorators putting together a retro theme, and can be easily cleaned and maintained. A third choice in enviro-friendly re-use designs might include a lamp built with used wooden chopsticks. There are a wide variety of these products; with chopsticks are produced and discarded en-masse every day, and many companies and consumers waiting to use them again.