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interlock metal roof systems–horrible customer service Pros: Metal Roofs Are beautiful life time warranty (theoretically great) Cons: Horrible Customer Service High Maintenance Functionality–multiple problems within small time period Monopoly on service/materials interlock metal Roof System’s customer service is amongst the worst I have encountered.The latest Tweets from interlock metal roofing (@metalroofing). metal roof with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. We manufacture aluminum roofing in Slate, Cedar Shingle, Shake, Tile and Standing Seam profiles. North AmericaInterlock Roofing is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of Lifetime Metal Roofing Systems. The Interlock Roof is available in different profiles including Slate, Shingle, Shake and Tile.If it's time for a new roof, Interlock encourages you to think Interlock for a lifetime solution. The company offers installation and financing on its.Sell and install lifetime aluminum metal roofing. Made of 95% recycled aluminum it is the greenest roofing system you can find in NC. Green Metal Roofing.All of our products showcase our total commitment to protect and beautify your home for life, and to safeguard the environment. Our roofing systems will provide you with a lifetime of value.Are you looking for the best return-on-investment for commercial roofing? Looking for a roof that: protects your building better than others, lasts longer than others,The Interlock by bureau de change. through a pattern of step-like volumes that are interspersed at varying positions and.It has fire-resistant fibre cement-board siding, and inflexible, interlocking polymer roof shingles locked in with screws. Safety glass in the windows can withstand a 9-pound piece of wood flying at.Interlock Roofing *To provide our customers exceptional value by ensuring excellence in our products and services. *To demonstrate an uncompromising commitment to protect the environment by offering sustainable roofing products and practices, *To continuously enhance and develop our roofing products and services through industry-leading technology, rigorous product testing, constant process.Ontario’s Best Roof – Official Interlock Metal Roofing System installation roofing company in Ontario, Canada. Interlock Industries has installed thousands of aluminum metal roofs over four decades, from Niagara Falls to Toronto, Mississauga to Ottawa. Choose from slate, cedar shingles, shake, tile, and standing seam.

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